Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

It’s Valentine’s Day

so I thought it appropriate to share a little bit of cuteness and love


I’m sure we’ve all received a corny card or two on Valentine’s Day…


or perhaps a little poem or song written just for you…


This one made me laugh because it is so very much like us and who doesn’t like a bit of Disney lovin’


Just because I love Snoopy

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the people we love; whether it be a spouse, a partner, a sister or brother, a parent or even a close friend. But it shouldn’t be the only day of the year that we make an effort to show our love to those around us. So what are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Are you flying the coop to rekindle that romance? Are you paying top dollar for heart-shaped balloons and red roses? Are you cooking  your way to your lover’s heart? Or have you hired a romantic movie or two? It doesn’t matter if you have plans or no plans, if you spend a lot or a little money, but it’s who you spend this day with that matters.

This year marks our 12th Valentine’s Day – six while dating and six married – and this next picture is for my Valentine.

Lets Go Together ValentineWe’ve been going together for 12 years now. It’s been a bumpy ride with many ups and downs. But we’re on this road together. There’s no turning back, there are no exits and no stopping. We’re going full steam ahead, driving into the sun. Sure there’ll be dark days and rainy days and more bumpy days, but we’re on this journey called life together and I don’t want to be travelling beside anyone but you. So please be my Valentine ~ for the next 50 years or so?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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