Epic Cupcake Fail

24 Apr

Ok, so I know I started out only sharing successful baking stories and I know the phrase “epic fail” has been overly used but last nights baking session was such a disaster that it had to be shared and had to be given the title “Epic Fail”.

We have a group from church meet at our apartment every Wednesday night and there have been a few birthdays during the week so I thought I would make a variety of cupcakes to celebrate. Within this group of people are numerous food allergies and dislikes including no gluten, no nuts, no yeast, vegetarian, the list goes on, so I found some gluten-free and nut free cupcake recipes to try. Here’s what happened.

Offender #1 : Raspberry and Chocolate Cupcakes


One of the gents had a birthday during the week and he likes chocolate, so that was my inspiration for choosing this recipe. However, right from the start these were a little “dodgy”. The recipe lists 6 eggs and 1/2 cup of coconut flour. We made our own coconut flour but the wet-to-dry ingredient ratio meant that the mixture was very soupy. I had read reviews and comments on this recipe and it had seemed to work out fine for everyone that tried it but I would describe mine as Raspberry and Chocolate Egg Cakes. They are didn’t rise (even with the addition of baking powder) and deflated very soon after removing from the oven. When you open up the cupcake it looks like the inside of a Quiche. The raspberries and chocolate taste nice but the overriding egg texture is off-putting.


Offender #2 : Lemon Cupcakes


Another of our guys also had a birthday during the week however he is not a huge fan of sweet foods so this recipe seemed to be the perfect treat for him. Ground almonds, lemon, bi-carb, oil, eggs and a little honey all mixed together in one bowl. Couldn’t have been easier. This recipe is also gluten-free but contains nuts. The consistency of this mixture was more what I would expect for cupcakes. They turned out a little too brown on the tops and they sunk a little in the middle but I was much happier when I pulled these out of the oven than I was for the first lot. That was until I tried to remove them from the tin. Whilst claiming to be a non-stick muffin pan, I know that it does not do its job very well  so always use paper cases. I carefully ran a knife around each cupcake but I was obviously not careful enough because all of the tops of these delicate little things fell off – the picture is deceiving as they are just resting on top here 🙂 Every.Single.One.


I have sent my hubby to the shops to pick up some packet biscuits for tonight but I’m open to comments if anyone has any bright ideas about how to resurrect these and make them pretty and appealing for tonight!! 10 hours to go and counting…

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