Marathon Training Week 4 : On Holiday Training

17 Jun

15 weeks to go…

Hello there! Please forgive me for not updating you on my recent weeks of training but I have been on holidays in Crete. Absolutely beautiful island and definitely worth a visit, but I will write a post about that later.

We were staying in a resort hotel right on the beach and I was so excited at the opportunity for a run along the beach each morning. We were travelling with my sister and her family and the kids were waking up at around 7:30am meaning that our breakfast was set for around 8:30am. On Monday morning I dragged myself out of bed at 7am (too early for holidays!!), donned my shorts, t-shirt and hat and walked to the beach. The strip of beach in front of our hotel was approximately 600m in length so after a warm-up I began running a few laps (not so different from running laps of the oval, but far more interesting scenery!). I was running barefoot and running well. The hubby was doing his interval training beside me and there was a few people out for an early morning swim, but other than that it was a quiet and peaceful run beside the sea. That was until the 3km mark when my feet started to hurt so I made a quick pit-stop by one of the beach lounges. I examined my feet and discovered no less than 4 ugly red swelling blisters on the tips of my toes. Ouch! The rough sand and salty water was not a good combination for my soft feet. Not only did this prevent me from running for the rest of the week but it also stopped me from walking very far as well. Note to self : run with shoes next time!

I’ll be honest with you. I had a little melt down on Friday afternoon. I hadn’t been able to train as much during the week as I had hoped to and seeing my hubby go out and run 24km made me a bit sad and I started to ask myself how I could possibly be ready for a full marathon in only 15 weeks given my recent poor form. My shins are certainly feeling better but a longer run will be the true test. I’m going to need to revisit my training schedule again and figure out what to do from here on in.

Now for my 2 cents worth about eating while on holidays. We had booked an all-inclusive holiday package meaning all meals, drinks and activities were all paid for in advance. That’s right, we could eat and drink whatever we wanted from 7am until 1am! Fortunately for us, the Cretan diet favours fresh local produce, salads, lamb, seafood etc. I was more than happy to stick to my usual muesli/cereal combinations for breakfast and the lamb or chicken gyros with salad and pita breads from lunch was to die for. But the real test is when you go to the bar in the afternoon for a round of soda’s and there in the cabinet on the bar is a selection of cakes and pastries and deep fried cheese. The harder part is travelling with family who are not training or watching what they’re eating and are encouraging you to eat more cake and pastries because, after all, you’re on holidays! I must admit that I do not have the same leve of self restraint that my husband does and I did succumb to an ice-cream or two but on the whole I ate relatively healthy meals and more importantly did not go back to the buffet for seconds!!

If you have any tips on eating while on holidays or advice on how I can train for a marathon in 15 weeks then please drop me a line.

It’s heating up here in Geneva so next week I’ll have an opinion on running in summer.

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