Marathon Training Week 6 : Weekly Training Update

1 Jul

13 weeks to go…

This last week was a great week! I managed a full week of training, plus cross training, plus physio, with minimal pain in my shins.

My plan:


What Actually Happened:

The short, fast run on Wednesday went really well. I was very pleased with my pace and finished in 30 minutes. This is still far off my optimal pace but considering I am working back up slowly I think this is a good effort. I had a little stiffness afterwards, but I stretched thoroughly and had a physio appointment that afternoon so by the evening I was feeling great. Unfortunately, for the next few days after my run, my shins were complaining more than I would have liked and this meant that I needed to cut down my road run to 6km rather than 8km to avoid further pain and injury. It was most definitely a wise decision because the 6km road run was tough on the shins. I rested all day on Saturday before my long run on Sunday to give my shins a chance to recover. The weekly physio sessions combined with the additional exercises and stretching I’ve been doing have certainly made a difference in strengthening my legs (shins and calves) and feet.

In the meantime, I purchased myself a new running buddy, an iPod Shuffle! In pink! Eeek! It’s only the small 2GB shuffle, but chf59 for 15 hours of music was exactly what I wanted. My dearest hubby set it all up for me including adding a whole lot of songs for me to run away to. I’ve started with the music we have on our computer currently but I am eagerly taking ideas of awesome running tunes for me to add so please send in your suggestions.  We might even be able to come up with a top ten list 🙂

On another side note, I needed a larger grassy area for my longer runs as the 170m round children’s soccer field was going to become tiresome (more than 50 laps for 10km, you get the idea). Once again, my darling hubby was on the case and found a rugby field about 3km away. Perfect!

So early Sunday morning (it was 7am so yes, it was early!) I boarded a tram and walked a short distance to the rugby field. It had rained all day Saturday and so it was a tad soggy underfoot but otherwise there was not a single soul in sight as I started out on my 13km run. I had planned to run at 6:40 min/km but somehow I could not force myself to run that slowly. I was so difficult to run at that pace, I felt as though I could have walked faster. It’s funny because I always thought that road running felt faster than running on grass, but it was certainly the opposite feeling that day. Perhaps it was the music that was making me run faster. I averaged 6:10 min/km for the 13km to finish in 1h18min. Again I had some pain in my shins after the run but not nearly as bad as earlier in the week, or even a few months ago. I am definitely improving however I need to stay mindful and keep my pace as slow as possible, for now.

Send in your best running songs this week and I’ll come back to you next week with some of our favourites.

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