Marathon Training Week 10 : Weekly Training Update

31 Jul

9 weeks to go…

Sincere apologies to my loyal readers, my usual Monday post is a few days late, but as you will see in a minute, I have a very good reason!!

My Plan:


What Actually Happened:

As you can see, this last week was a short week due to a trip to London we had planned for a friend’s wedding. Needless to say, this will be a shorter post than normal!

For the interval training I was back out on the road and I was feeling good during the run so I pushed it hard for the last few repeats. I came away with a little pain in my shins which was to be expected after running sprints on the road but overall I was happy with my performance.

The tempo run I did half on the road, half on the grass. It was a longer than normal run for a Friday morning so unfortunately I was setting off at 5am in order to have a quick recovery before work. It was 3.5km from home to the rugby field, 6km round the field, then 3.5km home again. This summer in Geneva has been amazing and we are truly blessed to have some brilliantly hot days and cool-ish nights meaning that my morning runs are a delight – from a weather and atmosphere perspective 🙂 I again pushed the bar on the 10km part of the run and averaged 5:45min/km. As you will have already guessed, my shins were aching a bit after the run due to the combination of speed, distance and road, but as with the intervals on the Tuesday, I was happy with my performance.

No long run last week as we were taking a few days break (5 days to be exact!) in London. We were invited to an Indian wedding on the Saturday so we decided to make it a bit of a longer break. We did a huge amount of walking over the weekend so I’m not sure I missed out on very much by not completing a long run for the week. And we managed to do a spot of shopping while we were in town from which we both scored a new pair of trainers. I was looking for minimal runners but not fully minimalist and after trying on and testing several different brands and styles of shoes, I came home with the new Mizuno Wave Sayonara which I plan to break in this week. I will give you my opinion next week.

That’s all from me for now. I’ll be busy this week preparing for my birthday party on Saturday night so my long run on Sunday should be an interesting tale for you to read!

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