My Fabulous 30th Birthday Party with an 80’s Theme

8 Aug

I love birthdays. Especially my own. For one whole day (or week!) I get to enjoy all the attention and love and hugs that are thrown my way.

But this year was unlike any other year; this year marked by 30th year. A lot of my friends are also hitting the “big 3-0” this year, each with different perceptions and reactions. For me, this was an exciting time. I didn’t have any of the fears or regrets that some people associate with entering a new decade of their life. I am more than happy with where I am in life and I was proud to celebrate the end of my twenties and embrace the commencement of this “grown-up” phase of my life. And what better way to do that then with a party dedicated to my early years – the 1980s.

I started planning this party more than 6 months ago and I had quickly settled on the 1980s theme although my husband was determined for me to have a 1990s theme as he thought this better represented the age of my childhood but I thought the 1980s was just easier all round.

The Invitation

I found these awesome invitations on Etsy from GreenBeansieInk which I had printed at my local print shop and handed them out to all my friends in early June. Come on, there was no email or facebook or twitter in the 80s, it was all paper invitations, so that’s what everybody received; a proper hand-delivered paper invitation.

80s Cassette Invitation

The Costumes

So I thought about whether my husband and I could dress as a famous couple from the 80s; Prince Charles and Diana, Madonna and Sean Penn, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, or Marty McFly and Jennifer, but I didn’t get an overwhelmingly positive response to my suggestions and to be honest none of them really appealed to my anyway. I then looked at all the different styles of the era and decided I wanted to be a rocker and my inspiration was Madonna. I made a list of the pieces that I was going to need and after first scouring the 2nd hand stores in Geneva with no success, I was happy to find a suitable selection of clothing and accessories in H&M, Pimkie, Claires and TopShop. All I needed now was big hair and bold make-up. Our roommate happened to have a crimper (who would still have one of those?!) and as you can see I made damn good use of it (thanks Jocelyn!!). My husbands outfit was a little less well planned and was the product of a 10 minute discussion and short shopping sprint in London (talk about last minute!) but we came out with something that resembled Andre Agassi / Pat Cash. It was great to have so many of our friends come dressed-up in 80s attire, it made for a super rad night.

Me aka Madonna

The Entertainment

The next thing we did was create a playlist for the night. Sarah’s 30th Birthday Mix! With several lists of No. 1 tunes of the 80s, we created a 4 hour YouTube playlist, complete with videos, of the greatest 80s music. Michael Jackson, Madonna, NKOTB, WHAM!, Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi, MC Hammer and Whitney Houston, and for you Australians out there we included Kylie Minogue, Johnny Farnham, Midnight Oil, INXS and Men at Work, just to name a few! We had so much fun creating this list and singing along in our lounge room at night, I hope everyone at the party enjoyed it too!

The Cake

My dear dear friend Zoe made this cake for me. She has a passion for all things crafty and has made some exceptional cakes (including her own wedding cake) and so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind making one for my birthday. Since she was working on other projects at the same time we decided that a single tier cake would be perfect for our small crowd of 30 people. I was totally stunned and amazed when she turned up on Saturday morning with this gorgeously delicious masterpiece. It took her a whole week to make and I will forever be thankful for the love and care and time she spent to make me this cake. Can you see all the 80s icons? It’s unfortunate that you cannot taste it because it was really yummy; chocolate cake, marble cake, vanilla and caramel cake, mashmellow icing and popping candy balls.

The Food

It would be a disaster of a party if there was no food. I made a Pavlova, White and Dark Chocolate Mousse, Champagne Jellies, Banoffee Pies, Fruit Skewers and Chocolate Crackles, plus had an assortment of candy including jubes, jelly bracelets, nerds, red skins, war heads, popping candy, smarties and fizzers. I’ll add a recipe for the Banoffee Pies in my next post because those were my absolute favourites but please message me if you want any others because they were all winners!!

I had a super fun night celebrating my 30th Birthday and I hope you enjoyed reliving a little of the 1980s with me.

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