Marathon Training Week 13 : My Lowest Run Ever

19 Aug

6 weeks to go…

My Plan :


What Actually Happened :

This week I’m going to skip over the intervals on Wednesday and the tempo run on Friday since these were relatively uneventful sessions and would not be very good reading for any of you. I’m sure you are all more interested in hearing how my long run went considering that’s my weak point and well basically where all the action happens.

The long run this week was hard. Really hard. I was a little anxious about the run because of last week’s 28km hard run (you can read the update here) and maybe that messed with my mind a bit. It was a hot day (again!), 30 degrees celsius in the afternoon and I was in full sun for the majority of the run. I got to 20km fairly comfortably, having my first gel at 14km and my second at 20km, although I had not been drinking enough water during the first 2 hours and at 22km I stopped. I had a mini meltdown and argued with my husband for the next 10 minutes about giving up and going home and that running is stupid and that I’ll never be able to make the marathon distance and so on and so on. We were at the rugby field which was in full sun and I protested running on the grass and in the sun so my husband told me to run up and down a narrow path on the side of the field that was partially in the shade. I trudged back and forth for another 2km before I stopped again, had a drink, continued the same ranting as before, then repeated the whole process. At 26km I stopped again and downed by 3rd gel followed by more water then started to run again. This time I got a stitch. A really painful one too. From 27km to 28km I was stopping nearly every 200m because the pain was so bad. At around 28km during one of my stitch breaks I cried. It was all too much. The heat, the exhaustion, my legs were aching, I couldn’t get my breathing under control, my stomach was hurting from the stitch. I was beyond consolation and my dear husband was wise enough not to say anything at this point. No amount of affirmative words were going to help at this point. Once I felt ready to get going again we made for home. My legs were seriously protesting now, they did not want to move and I felt as though I was dragging them behind me. I was more than relieved when my watch ‘beeped’ at 32km and 3h31m (4hrs is more realistic though when you include all my stoppages).

My husband was congratulating me on running 32km and reminding me that I had never run that far before, ever, and how much of an achievement it was. But I could only think about those last 10km. I can still only think on those last 10km and how disappointed I am that I couldn’t run any better. I suffered a lot of exhaustion, dehydration and probably heat stroke. I was shivering and feeling very unwell for more than 2 hours post run and weighing myself on the scales this morning I had lost just over 1.5kg. It is going to be a tough challenge, mentally, to get out there next weekend and try to run 35km. I am going to be a bit wiser and run in the early morning instead of the hottest part of the day as I know that I run much much better in the early morning than I do later in the day. But I won’t have my husband with me next week so it will be even more of a mental challenge to keep going and not give up.

I’m not sure I’ll be race ready in 6 weeks time; hopefully a good run next week will give me that boost of confidence that I need.

It there’s a silver lining to this story then it’s that I didn’t need to use the bathroom during my run (yay!) and my shins are holding up fantastically (double yay!!).

5 Responses to “Marathon Training Week 13 : My Lowest Run Ever”

  1. EyeCandyPopper August 22, 2013 at 15:56 #

    Congrats for running 32 km! That is such an accomplishment in itself! The most I’ve done is 22k! You are an inspiration for me to get out there tonight and run! 🙂
    I don’t eat processed food so I make my own energy food for my long runs and races, maybe switching might help you with the queasy feeling you got. My friends were giggling when I told them how I ran a half marathon in May with plastic ziploc bags in my hands carrying my precious contents of organic banana chunks, organic orange quarters, organic chocolate (with raisins and hazelnuts), and my energy drink concoction of pure raw honey, grey sea salt and spring water. haha It really works though!
    Good luck with the rest of the training and the race! It’ll be amazing

    • cheesevegemite August 23, 2013 at 07:35 #

      Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your energy food ideas. During the marathon, the drink stations will actually have banana’s and orange’s available so you have definitely got me thinking about changing up my plan a bit.
      And congratulations to you for running a half marathon! I did my first one last October and until a few weeks ago the most I had ever run was 22km also. I promise though, that the more you run, the easier it gets.

      • EyeCandyPopper August 23, 2013 at 14:40 #

        It sure does! I love how runners encourage each other to keep going, reading your post certainly was! I did 8.5k last night and slowly building back up to my comfortable zone of 10k before eventually increasing. I do want to run 1 half every year, and ultimately, I’d love to run a full marathon, at least once in my life, and hopefully in the next couple of years.
        For natural food energy and hydration, there are options out there that are easier on the body, I’m hoping to share a few more recipes for runners (check out my 5 min cashew, peanut butter and chocolate power balls). 🙂

      • cheesevegemite August 23, 2013 at 14:51 #

        You can definitely do it! Just remember to build up slowly, adding no more than 10% per week, so as to avoid injuries. And get yourself a training plan for the half marathon. I used the FIRST half-marathon training plan last year which works on a 3 runs per week basis. This is great because it allows for you to add in other cross-training activities like swimming or cycling on your off run days.
        I spotted that recipe on your blog today. I have a post coming up on fueling during long runs and it would be great to get your input.


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