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My Interview with Expat Blog Published Online

9 Jan

Hi guys, check out my interview on Expat Blog!


This is a great community of expat bloggers from around the world with so many interesting stories of daily life abroad and I just love being apart of it.

If you’re an expat and you’re a blogger, why not become part of the Expat Blog community.

One Year Blogging Anniversary

10 Oct

The end of October marks my one year blogging anniversary.

Congratulations to me! And congratulations to you for sticking with me this long!!

To be honest, when I started this blog I didn’t have any idea what I would write about, I didn’t think any one would be interested in my life stories and I didn’t even know how to write about our journeys. This blog thing is like a modern-day diary for me, a way for me to remember what we’ve been up to while we’re living abroad, because when you have the memory of a goldfish like I do its important to journal things that are important so that when I look at these posts in one or two years time I’ll be able to relive these precious moments. Perhaps I should start noting down what movies we’ve seen; would save my husband hours of agony watching movies for the second time because I insisted I’ve never seen it 🙂

Now here we are one year later and you know what? I DO have things to write about, some of you ARE interested in my tales and I THINK I’m getting the hang of this writing/journaling/blogging thing. You want proof? I’ve posted 43 tales covering the broader topics of food, travel and running, I’ve had over 1,000 views from over 50 countries around the world (WOW!) AND some of you have even said how great I am (I already know how fabulous I am but thank you for agreeing with me). I still get excited when one person looks at my blog, likes my posts or makes a comment! I’m crazy, I know, and my husband can verify!!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my tales and travelling on this journey called life with me. I hope to entertain you all some more so here’s to the next 12 months of Cheese & Vegemite.


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