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Marathon Training Week 11 : My New Shoes!!

5 Aug

8 weeks to go…

My Training Plan:


What Actually Happened:

It was a little bit hard to get up early on Wednesday morning to go for a run for two reasons; 1) we had just got home from a 5 day weekend in London; and 2) it was my birthday! But I was excited to try out my new Mizuno Wave Sayonara’s. As I mentioned last week, I picked up a pair of the new Mizuno Wave Sayonara while we were in London, and I was eager to get out on the road and take them for a proper run. So that’s exactly what I did. I started out a bit slow on the first few intervals as I wasn’t sure how I would go in the new shoes but I quickly picked up the pace as they were so comfortable and light. I was able to push myself harder than I would have normally and I felt great afterwards. Very decent first run in new shoes. Friday Tempo Run went much the same as the Interval Training. I haven’t been very specific with my ST/MT/LT paces for the tempo runs now that I’m back on the road but I again picked up the pace for the 5K block and averaged around 5:15min/km which is one of my fastest so far (I think!). Again I recovered well and was really happy with my performance and my new shoes.

The Sunday long run was a different story however. After a party on the Saturday night to celebrate my birthday I was in no shape to get up at my usual 5am for this run so it wasn’t until 12.30pm that I set off. Unfortunately, this spell of beautiful weather in Geneva has been continuing and it was probably around 30 degrees when I started out on my run. The rugby field was in full sun and I very quickly felt the effects of the heat and humidity. I was forced to stop every 2-3km for a drink and by 9km I was seriously struggling. I could feel that my heart rate was extremely high for the 6:40min/km pace that I was running and made the decision at the 12km mark to head back home. 15km and 1hr40mins later I ran home and jumped straight into a cold bath. I was surprised by how I was affected by the heat but I was equally surprised by how quickly I recovered. I know I made the right decision to call it quits half way through although the 28km long run scheduled for this Sunday will be just that bit tougher now.

Now for the stuff that you’ve been waiting for. My review of the new Mizuno Wave Sayonara!!

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Marathon Training Week 10 : Weekly Training Update

31 Jul

9 weeks to go…

Sincere apologies to my loyal readers, my usual Monday post is a few days late, but as you will see in a minute, I have a very good reason!!

My Plan:


What Actually Happened:

As you can see, this last week was a short week due to a trip to London we had planned for a friend’s wedding. Needless to say, this will be a shorter post than normal! Continue reading

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