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Jeûne Genevois Tarte aux Pruneaux (“Plum Tart”)

6 Sep

Yesterday we celebrated Geneva’s very own public holiday, Jeûne Genevois or Geneva Fast.

The website of the Republic and Canton of Geneva says the Jeûne Genevois holiday began in 1567 in remembrance of the repression against Protestants in Lyon, France. This patriotic as well as religious significance of fasting in Geneva lasted during the first half of the nineteenth century when a federal Fasting was established in 1832. The Protestants of Geneva were offended at the time of this ecumenical decision and decided to establish a Geneva Fasting. The Act of January 8, 1966 declared holiday on the day of fasting Geneva, celebrated on the Thursday following the first Sunday in September. It has gradually lost its religious significance and certainly most Genevans do not fast on this day. But was it ever really a day of fasting?

Enter the Tarte aux Pruneaux or Plum Tart in English. Historically, pies were a frugal meal so in order to allow women and servants to participate in the fasting and praying of the day, the pies were prepared and cooked the day before and was the only snack of the day. Nowadays, these pies are often the dessert for a festive meal. Why plums, you ask? They’re in season of course! In every supermarket, bakery and patisserie in Geneva you can buy a plum tart to celebrate this occasion or you can buy the ingredients and make one yourself, like me.

Eating fruit and vegetables according to the seasons has become a way of life in Geneva simply because we cannot buy everything all year round like you can in Australia. Plums are plentiful this time of year, obviously, but the introduction of these yummy fruits prompt the decline in freshness and availability of other summer fruits and berries. Not to worry, because plums are a very good source of vitamin C. They are also a good source of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium, and dietary fiber. Basically, they’re good for you.

I scoured a few recipes for inspiration (like this one from Eye Candy Popper) but eventually went with my own version because I didn’t want to any added sugar. Never having made one before, I was rather chuffed with how it turned out. I leave you and your forks to this pleasant pastry.

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