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Marathon Training Week 16 : Race Fueling Strategy

9 Sep

3 weeks to go…

My Plan


What Actually Happened

If you remember from last week, I had a rather poor week of training thanks to my shin splints, and after a weekend of walking around Budapest I decided to give my sprints a miss on Monday.  I was happy to get to spinning on Tuesday as it has been a few weeks since I was at a class but boy did I have a sore butt on Wednesday 🙂

I decided to run a little further than the planned 8KM on Wednesday and managed a very comfortable 12KM with an average pace of 5:46min/km. Not too shabby at all.

If you’re following my blog regularly you’ll know that Thursday was actually a holiday in Geneva so no Pilates for me. Instead, we took a leisurely day trip to Yvoire, a medieval French town on Lake Geneva. It was probably the last day of summer too b

ecause the weather forecast for this week is for days below 20 degrees C!!

Now comes the long run. I felt really good on Saturday morning, full of energy, no shin pain, the clouds were clearing from the overnight thunderstorms and I had even planned a new route for my last long run. New route huh? Big mistake! I got lost pretty quickly, took one turn too early because most of the “roads” I had planned to follow turned out to be unmarked trails, and stayed lost until 13KM mark. I wasn’t able to get into a rhythm because I was constantly having to stop to read road signs or look at trail maps to figure out where I was and deciding in which general direction I should be running etc etc and at around 13KM, once I had found a road that was actually on my list and I had taken my first correct turn, I need a bathroom stop. Haven’t needed one for the past few weeks but can I just say that I won’t be eating beans before a long run ever again. Ever! Thankfully I was in a fairly secluded spot away from any roads and could easily take a quick dip into a field of Sunflowers and I am doubly thankful that I always carry toilet paper in my pocket. Moving right along, my getting lost added about 5KM to my route which therefore reduced my 13KM grass running to just 8KM. By the time I got to the rugby field at 23KM I knew I was going to have a hard time finishing the next 16KM. I decided to finish at 38KM instead of 39KM but by 32KM my pace had increased to 6:45min/km and I felt like I was dragging my feet and legs behind me. Nothing wanted to move. At 35KM I was shuffling along at 7min/km pace and called it quits at 37KM and 4h08m. I felt OK energy wise but my legs could just not carry me any further. I was disappointed to have not reached 39KM and was equally disappointed that I did not run as well as I did just a few weeks before. Can I run the whole distance on race day? I think I can.

That was my last long run and my last opportunity to sort out my race fueling strategy.

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Marathon Training Week 12 : Weekly Training Update

12 Aug

7 weeks to go…

My Plan:


What Actually Happened:

This last week was a super week of training! Wednesday was a wet day so I was forced to take my run indoors to the gym – not my preferred location or terrain for running. My shins were sore after this run  and I put that down to running on the treadmill. Overall the run was ok but I think I could have done better on the road. Friday afternoon I had a beautiful run along Lake Geneva. It was a hard 10km as I pushed myself  the whole way and I struggled with a very painful stitch at the 7km mark and ended up walking most of the last kilometer but I was really happy with my performance for the faster 7km part of the run where I averaged 5:30 min/km. Continue reading

Marathon Training Week 8 : Compression Clothing for Recovery

17 Jul

11 weeks to go…

This last week of training was actually a great week of training. Here’s how it went

My Plan


What Actually Happened

For once it all went according to plan (except for the long run but I’ll get to that). I took my sprints out on the road on Wednesday morning. I need to start running back on the road again and it was difficult to decide between the Wednesday sprints or the Friday tempo run; Wednesday being faster and shorter compared to Friday being longer and slower. Since I’m not back to full speed yet, I opted for the short of the two distances. The “sprints” went well although I did have a little pain in my shins afterwards which my physiotherapist got to work on later that day.   The tempo run on Friday was a little more difficult; running 50+ laps of the school soccer field might have had something to do with or the 5:30am start. Either way I felt low in energy and sluggish all the way through the run. I still managed a reasonable pace of 6:26 min/km but I was sure glad to have a quiet day at work and a quiet night at home that day.

Underperforming on Friday filled me with a little “performance anxiety” as I headed out at 6:30am on Sunday for my 18km run.  It was a beautiful morning down at the rugby field in Meyrin, the sun had just popped up above the buildings and it was sure to be a gloriously hot summer’s day. My Garmin had some technical difficulties for the first two laps but then it righted itself and I had found a good slow pace. I was forcing myself to maintain a 6:20 min/km – 6:30 min/km pace to ensure I could make the 18km without causing further injury to my shins. It was hard at the start to keep it slow but I finally got myself into a rhythm after 2 or 3 kilometers. That was when the panic set in. I need to use the bathroom. In my previous half-marathon training I suffered (serveral times) with a bad case of the runners trots (I’ll let you look that one up if you haven’t heard the term before). This was when I was running on a Sunday afternoon during the time when I would normally need to use the bathroom. At 7am on Sunday morning however, this was very unexpected. I pushed through until 9km and by that time it was a tale of desperation. Fortunately there are public toilets right next to the rugby field so I made use of them before continuing my run in complete freedom. I am yet to figure out exactly what the problem is and how I can solve this issue but it does haunt me every time I go on a long run. Moving right along, I finished the 18km in 1h53mins with an average pace of 6:19 min/km. I was definitely happy with that and I thoroughly enjoyed a little bit of gelato in the afternoon, yum!

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