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Running Memes

11 Mar

I’m back into training for another race, this time the Geneva Half Marathon in early May and whilst I’m enjoying running in the gorgeous sunshine gracing our skies recently I’m struggling again with tight calves and sore shins *sigh*. I’m starting to think that I should change sports because I’m clearly not built for running long distances. And for some strange and unexplainable reason, I keep putting my shoes on and keep heading out the door for another run and keep coming back sore and tired. I don’t know what it is about running (or “runners” if I can call myself that) that keeps me coming back for more. It’s as if after that very first time you tie your laces and finish your first run that you’ve signed some secret, invisible document saying “I will hereby forever be a runner” with no regard to climate, kilometers, injuries or social calendar. But if I wasn’t a runner, then I wouldn’t be able to laugh (out loud) at these…


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Post-Marathon Running

24 Oct

Oh guys, I don’t know what’s happened to me since I finished the marathon nearly ONE MONTH ago.

So what’s been happening? Not a lot to be frank. I’ve been on two runs in the last three weeks which is a pretty dismal effort but on the plus side I’ve signed myself up for two more races!! My “over-eager overachiever” husband wanted to run in the Lausanne Marathon taking place this Sunday so instead of going along with him as a spectator (I’m not ready to run another marathon just yet!) I decided to sign-up for the 10km run. My first 10km race – a lot of “firsts” for me this year! I’m obviously not taking it very seriously because let’s be honest, two runs in the last three weeks is not sufficient training to run a good time but I’m hoping to hash it out in about 55 minutes. And then I’ve signed myself up for the Escalade in December. The, almost, biggest event of the year in Geneva. I wrote a few lines on the Escalade and the associated race around the Geneva Old Town last year which you can read about here and here.

Now that the marathon training is all over I’m getting back into the spinning classes and pilates classes and next week I’m going to try my hand at BodyPump (a Les Mills weights class). I’m aiming to build up more “all over” body conditioning and strength so that next time I start training for a marathon I won’t get injured!! My physio also gave me a heap of strengthening exercises to do which I haven’t been very consistent in doing yet so I need to pull my socks up on that one.

Hmm.. having just said all that it seems I need to find my mojo and get back on the fitness bandwagon before I go too far the other way.

Help required!

When your goal vanishes due to injury

21 Mar

I received some bad news from my physiotherapist yesterday; no half-marathon in May.

Let me give you a little background to the story. After my first half-marathon in October last year I was very quick to sign up for more races as races are my ultimate motivation for running. I registered for the 5km cours de l’escalade in December 2012, the Geneva half-marathon in May 2013, and the Berlin Marathon in September 2013. I decreased my training during November and December to around 10km per week but at the same time increased my cross-training by adding a spinning class and pump class at the gym. My training program for the half-marathon wasn’t due to start until January 1 so I treated myself to an easy few months.

So what happened?

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What to eat before and after exercise

7 Feb

Training for a half-marathon has got me thinking a lot about nutrition and what foods I should be eating on my long run days. I live a fairly healthy lifestyle; reducing intake fatty/sugary foods, and I currently have a pretty basic pre/post-run meal consisting of a banana or wheat biscuits with sliced banana and honey or a banana smoothie with yogurt and blueberries. But what else can I be doing for my body to ensure I have enough energy for my long runs and efficient recovery after running?

As if reading my mind, an Australian chef and blogger that I follow, Teresa Cutter, posted some insightful information about fuelling our bodies and added a bunch of super easy recipes too!



Gruelling Winter Training

28 Jan

Staying motivated this winter has been tough, really tough

I’m not a fan of treadmills. The thought of rushing to the gym at the post-work rush-hour in the hopes of snatching a spare treadmill is not very appealing. Then again, the thought of running in weather below freezing point is not very appealing either. And to top it all off, my fitness has plummeted thanks to my Christmas break. Actually, it’s been more like a two month post-half-marathon extended recovery and getting back into the habit of training has been hard.

I know I’m not alone in my struggles because I’ve read a lot of posts and articles about how to stay motivated to exercise during the winter and the most common answer or suggestion is to have a goal / target. I have that. I’ve registered for the Geneva Half-Marathon in May, I’ve set my desired run time and I’ve prepared a training schedule for myself. So why is it still so difficult to get out and go running?

Ability is what you are capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it.
– Lou Holtz

What I need is a change of mindset and to add something new to my routine.

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